Monday, May 4, 2009

Photo Gallery One

Buster snapped this photo of Sascha, Ella and Roo (Rooster) getting into the party mood. "Evening Occifer!" He he he.

Here we have Jessica, Rosco, Foxy, Molly, me, Albert, Teddy, Buster, Jess, Lily, Freddie, Little Mo, Sparkey and Trevor at the coconut-shy. Foxy took this one with some fancy delayed-action gizmo on his camera.

Sparkey captured all the fun of the fair with this piccie of Ben and Kolo on the dodgems. Nice one! "Will Ben please sit down in car number eight!"

Molly has perfectly captured Izzie, Toby, Betty, Macy and Smudge (kennel) enjoying the Merry-Go-Round. Looks like Toby could do with one of Knasher's beers!

Whoa Ella! You're a little bit too heavy for the bouncy castle. Look what has happened to all the doggies! Foxy took this great action pic.

Pippa and Michaela got most of us together for this group photo in my back yard. Great job you two!

Hey look - its Shannon the bearded dog. Now that's what I call a shaggy dog!

Sparkey took this one.

Barney, Casper, Lulu, Mischa and Oscar are "in their cups." Ha ha ha. Poor old Angus seems to have been pushed out, so Molly's keeping him company. Hope Lulu is OK with that. Little Mo snapped this one.

Little Mo got a great pose from Blaze and Thumps who are running the Puppies ChairPlane. Milo, Sparkey, Woody and Macky all look a bit iffy!"Get the sick-bags ready!"

Buddy took this photo of
Ellie and Little Mo riding on Ella, who clearly thinks she got the short straw.

Trevor got this action shot at Herbie's Helter Skelter ride. So there is Mutley (just) then Desmond, Harry, Teddy, Rosco and Lucy. "Get a move on Lucy - you're causing a log-jam!"

Another shot of Buster's - this time of Madames Zelda and Zolga the fortune tellers. I can see a tall dark handsome stranger. "Does that mean Toney is outside then?" Ho ho ho.

Molly took this snap round at the Games and Food bar run by Sir Max, Zeea and Blaze. You wouldn't think Zeea would feel like serving food, after all her exertions.

Rosco's taking it easy and having a drive round the fair on "Bozo's Bus". I hope that clown can see where he's going!

I took this one.

Dottie, Angus and Bailey look a bit apprehensive before going on Knasher's Ghost Train. Little Mo took this one.

Molly took this one of Angus' donkey rides, which Albert is obviously enjoying. Not so sure about the donkey though.

Zoe took this photo of Gypsy Jen giving a reading in her booth. Any idea who's going to win the big game tomorrow, Jen? He he he.

Molly snapped Lucy at her Pigs Ears stand. (She clearly did get a move on from the Helter-Skelter after all). She has two eager customers Milo and Roly, although Roly seems to have dropped his.

Another one of Sparkey's pictures. This one is of Rosie's Cotton Candy stall (Candy Floss to you Brits). Angus, Billy-B and Jess seem to be waiting in line for something. Don't tell me she's run out! And whos that on the Big Dipper?

Trevor managed to lean out of the leading car and get this action shot. Is that Mutley there, looking terrified? My Little Mo looks a bit nervous too, but all the rest look OK. In fact they look positively laid back about it.

Shadow the Storyteller has the full attention of
Alfred, Annie, Bert, Kiva, Floss, Horatio, Jess, Molly, Mr Tiggy-Wig, Ruairi and Fallulah. Trevor took this photo.

Toggle and Button, the sharp-shootin' Cavaliers have won themselves a whole load of teddies at the range. Billy-B took this one. That Knasher sure gets around!

Zahli took this one. I'm not gonna describe it cos there is so much going on. Take a look carefully and you'll see what I mean. Nice one Zahli!

I take time out to be with Little Mo in my garden, while Ozzy and Treacle watch the "Punch and Judy" show. As usual, Judy is getting the stuffing knocked out of her. I can't remember who took this one. Now those two puppets remind me of somedogs.....

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