Monday, May 4, 2009

Circus - Part Two

Welcome back everyone - its now time to continue with the show. Can I have the lights dimmed please, and may I also ask you to keep the barking to a minimum for the next act. This pair of dare-devils are going to perform a highly dangerous stunt without, might I add, the aid of a safety net. So I don't want any of you trying this yourselves at home. Right?

So, without further ado, performing on the high-wire, may I introduce, the one and only, the incredible, the magnificent Harry and Oscar - "The Great Davenports!"

Oh my word! Get a load of that! There was a real heart-stopping moment there in the middle when I thought Harry was going to fall. I wonder if they meant to do that?

Put your paws together folks one more time for Oscar and Harry, "The Grrrrrreat Davenports!"

Phew! I'm exhausted with all the excitement. Could someone ask Knasher for a beer?

Now the next act sort of brings a lump to my throat, cos its my little brother Sparkey. He's joined up with our dear friend Apollo, who has come over especially to be with us tonight. Sparkey is going to give a demonstration of high-speed bare-back riding. So, put your paws together for "Sparkey and Apollo!"

Awwwww. Will ya just look at the little guy! Ain't he cute? He takes after his older brother, ha ha ha!

Way to go, Sparkey!

Bravo bruv! What a ride! And a little bit cheeky too - I liked that, and so did the others judging by that applause. Lets hear it for Sparkey and Apollo!

Now, Laydees and Gentledogs, put your paws together for a beautiful Laydee. Its the gorgeous Shadow, showing some great balancing skills. And checkout her 2 cute Clown Automatons too. Now who said "Ooooh, look at Teddy and Maxy?" ha ha ha.

Here's "Shadow !"

Wow! Shadow sure is a glittering sensation!

Now, next up are two young Laydees who are appearing in the ring for the very first time, and are budding Davenports. They are probably very nervous, so give them a big paw. I give you "Bella and Holly!"

Hey girls, the crowd loved your act! Take a bow-wow both of you - you were grrrrrrrreat. You'll soon be up there (so to speak he he he) with The Great Davenports.

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