Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome To Toney's Carnival

OK, all you doggies, now listen up. You are all most welcome to "Toney's Carnival", which is a celebration of the first anniversary of my joining my pals here on DoggySnaps.

Now this Carnival is pretty big - its probably going to take you more than a day to see it all. So take your time. Its gonna be around for some time, so you can visit over and over.

And if you have a favourite snap of you enjoying yourself here, that you would like included in one of the Photo Galleries, then just tell my mom where she can find it and she will add it for all to see.

If you've already done that, but you can't find it anywhere, then I apologise. It's probably got mislaid in the dozens of pictures that I have already received. Just let mom know and I will make sure it gets added.

And of course if you want to take any of these pictures to put in your own kennel, then please feel free. You don't have to ask. He he he. BTW Paul says if you want to copy one of the pictures to upload to DS, then its very easy.

  1. Right Click on the picture and select SAVE IMAGE AS
  2. If its a moving picture then you MUST change the filename. Any name will do, so long as you put .jpg on the end.
  3. Click on the "Save" button.
  4. Upload the .jpg to DS as you would normally.
There are so many side-shows and rides for you to enjoy. There's also plenty of food and drink available at various stalls - and its all free, courtesy of yours truly. Yes, you heard right - its all free! Well, just for Friday - I'm not made of money you know.

The main attraction has to be my Circus (being advertised here by Boswell, Etty and Sandie). Its gonna be great! I've lined up so many wonderful acts - they are going to knock your socks clean off! I'm just bursting to tell you about them, but no, that will spoil the surprise.

So, welcome to you all.

Finally, if you would like to leave a comment, can you do so in the DoggySnaps forum? When you've finished enjoying the blog, just click on the button in the List Of Contents, and it will take you right there.

Your pal, Toney.

Here is a full list of the contributors to this blog. Big thanks to everyone. Next time, we aim to get a whole load more people. If anyone has been missed off (some pictures came via 3rd parties) then let Jackymac know PDQ.



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