Monday, May 4, 2009

Photo Gallery Two

Awwww cute! Milo and Macky enjoying a gentle swing after their excitement of earlier. Jess captured the moment.

Jackson does a bit of juggling, while Kia rides Milly (who is looking to see what the fuss is about). Pippa took this.

Valder shows off her riding skills on Ella. "Ride her, cowgirl!"
Sparkey took this one.

Its nice to see Benji and Bobby taking time off as clowns, and relaxing on my back lawn. Benji took this with his 10-second delayed action thingy.

Carrick the clown and his friend Nellie the Elephant. I took this one!

Phoebe is the only one of us that doesn't need a ladder to get onto Nellie's back. I took this one as well.

Sparky "without an E" and Treacle, taken by Sparkey "with an E".

Michaela took this one of Toby, Pip and Pearce. Whoaaaaaah!

Another one of Michaela's snaps. This time of Floss and Molly with their amazing prancing horses.

Here is Jackson and Kia on the Merry-Go-Round. Sparkey took this one.

Jingles and Poppy, and Toby and Lexi are canoodling in the Tunnel of Love. Awwww! Trevor took this photo.

Buster, Toggle, Button, Jack, Bally, Jenny and Tess enjoying a relaxing moment on my pond. Foxy took this photo.

Toby, Trya and Harley enjoying a spin on the Merry-Go-Round. Sparkey took it.

Zahli, Findley, Jack and Bally are having fun in the Hall of Mirrors. Molly took this one.

Ben, Merlin, Molly, Rosie, Tara and Tigger enjoying the carousel while Finn and Honey look on. Sparkey took this shot.

That sure is one skilful dog! Foxy shows his versatility on the big ball, while keeping 5 little ones in the air. Jess took this photo.

Dixon, Zeldie, Baz and Freddie on their way to the circus.

Sparkey snapped this one.

Thor, Baz, Billy-b, Zahli, Jess, Toby, Benji, Bobby, Foxy, Shadow, Biggie and Angel Fluffy having rides on my Carousel.

Foxy took this with his remote control.

Levi, Luke and Angus look pretty scared by the Ghost Train.

Brave Buster risked life and paw and took this one.

Poppy took this shot in my back yard. Things have quietened down a bit, but I'm expecting another busy day tomorrow. Poppy and Jingles are staying over.

And here's Jess showing great control of one of our equine cousins. Go Girl!

Foxy made this!

Freddie, Sam, Baz and making music together while Barney, Simba and Mutley watch Sparkey taking their photo.

Here's me and Sparkey getting into the party mood with our pals Pippa and Michaela. Pippa took this witha wireless controlled remote device.

Last, but not least, I took this one of Sam, Alfie and Jake the clowns and accomplished horsedogs.

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