Monday, May 4, 2009

Circus - Part Three

Welcome back to Part Three of the show, folks. You know, being a compere is thirsty work. Good ole Knasher - he's keeping me well stocked. I guess you've all heard of D4 the singing sensation? Well, did you know that they are also pretty darn good at circus tricks as well?

First up is Trevor with his plate, then my darling wife Little Mo on her bike, then Buster with his ball, and last but not least, Molly with her glass. OK, Trev, you're on first......

Let's hear it for D4!

Awww, what concentration Trevor! Great job! Now its Little Mo. Come on - give a big welcome!

Fantastic balance there from Little Mo. Lets see what Buster can do with his ball......

Hey, that was pretty neat, Buster! Now there's not many doggies that could do that without moving their feet! Magic! So, Molly, what have you got for us?

Awwww Molly. Saved the best till last eh? That was fabulous - and not a drop spilt! Can you do it with a glass of beer? He he he.

Thanks D4 - that was terrific! I'm running out of superlatives and exclaimation marks tonight - but the acts have been stupendous - I'm sure you'll agree.

The next act is incredible - believe me. One half of this pair is showing amazing bravery, or foolhardiness. You'll understand when you see them in action, so please put your paws together for the great "Jackson and Kia!"

Amazing! And did you all notice that Jackson was looking the wrong way? How did he do that?

And now, we have an act that demonstrates the fearless nature of another two of our friends. Most of us would run a mile from fire, but this next two run through it. Incredible stuff. Just watch this! I give you the great; the brave; the heroic; the courageous "Pookini and Jedski!"

That was grrrrrrrreat! Let's hear it one more time for "Pookini and Jedski"

Phew, its hot sitting near that flaming ring. Now, don't worry though. I take safety very seriously - after all I wouldn't want us to be shut down would I? That's why I arranged for Henrie and Henrietta to be on hand just in case.

Errr, ummm, its looking like its gonna take a while to put the fire out, so why don't we all take a break and look at another Photo Gallery, and then come back for the final part of the show.

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