Monday, May 4, 2009

Send In The Clowns

OK, Laydees and Gentledogs, its time for Boswell to hide behind the sofa again as we "Send In The Clowns!" First up, its the 3 Stooges - Molly, Mo and Buster.

Ha ha ha. Look at them with those custard pies.............. DOH!

Yum, that custard was rather nice actually. Any-road-oop (howdya like my cockney?) next up are those 2 lunatics on 4 wheels - Dessie and Laddie in their clown-mobiles.....

Watch out you 2.......... DOH!

Now that we've cleared away the debris, we can get on with the show. Next up we have Ellie, Buddy and Meg - "The 3 Boxers". Awwww, thanks Ellie, IYQ2. Now it looks like Meg has got some bread or pies all over her costume. Is that some quaint English custom, then? What's that all about?

Next up its those two fun-filled fellas, "Ben and Teddy". Just take a look at those outfits, will ya? Those shoes! And those ties. Oh look - they .....

......squirt water in your face! Ha ha ha!

And you've gotta guess who the next clown is. The one on the uni-cycle....

Yes, its Lexi showing off her skills. She's also bought along 5 automatons for your entertainment. Thanks Lexi!

Yikes! You'd better keep Boswell away from these 2 jokers (Dylan and Angus) or he might wet himself! Michaela and Pippa look friendly enough though.

Awwwww, Boswell, how could you possibly be frightened of Shadow.

and no-dog could possibly be scared of Ozzy!

Now, just look at Jack and Bally, won't ya? Aren't they a scream? And what are they going to do with those buckets? Hey, you two, you wouldn't, would ya?

Ha ha ha. Thats OK, a bit of confetti dont hurt. I fell for it though!

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